• Foul 9.99

    Mashed beans with onions & green peppers

  • Kita FirFir 8.99

    Bread with butter, peppers & Yogurt

  • Teff Pancakes 7.99
  • Enqulal Firfir 8.99

    Two Eggs

  • Fata 8.99

    Onions, tomato, peppers, Yogurt & bread

  • Genfo 9.99

    Wheat porridge served with yogurt spiced butter & berbere


  • Pasta 14.99

    Pasta with homemade tomato sauce

  • House salad/Avocado salad 10/12

    Beef cubes sauteed with onions, garlic, green peppers & spices

  • Himbasha 2.99

    Sweet Flatbread with black seeds

  • Beef or Veggie Sambusa 4.99

    (comes with four)


  • Kitfo 16.99

    Lean Beef served raw & mixed with spices & butter

  • Beef Tibs 16.99

    Beef cubes sauteed with onions, garlic, green peppers & spices

  • ZilZil Tibs 17.99

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  • Quanta FirFIr 17.99

    Meat soaked in silsi

  • Cha Cha 19.99

    Char broiled Beef Tender with spices, Onions, Green & Red Peppers


  • Ye' Beg Tibs 16.99

    Lamb sauteed with onions, garlic, green pepper & awaze

  • Key Wot 16.99

    Lamb Stew

  • Gomen Besega 16.99

    Collard greens sauteed with lamb, onions & garlic

  • Bozena Shiro 15.99

    Roasted Chickpeas with Meat & spices

  • Alicha Siga Wot 16.99

    Onion, Garlic with lamb


  • Doro Wat 15.99

    Spicy chicken with butter, garlic, onion,spices & egg

  • Doro Tibs 15.99

    Sauteed Chicken with onions,green peppers & spices


  • Taste of Shalom 21.99

    Key wot or doro wat & Vegetarian sides

  • Vegetarian Platter One/ For Two 18/22
  • Meat Platter for One/ For Two 20/28

    Sweet Flatbread with black seeds

  • Shiro Wat For One/ For Two 14/20


  • Meser Wat 13.99

    Split lentils stew with mild spices

  • Meser Alicha 13.99

    Lentils,Onions & mild spices

  • Shiro Wat 13.99

    Roasted chickpeas berbere

  • Gomen 14.99

    Collard Greens with Onions, Garlic & Ginge


  • Pop 2.00
  • Perrier Water 3.99
  • Tea/ Coffee/ Espresso 2.99
  • Latte/ Ice Latte 4.50
  • Traditional Ethiopian Coffee ceremony For Two/ Three 10/15


A delicious vegan power smoothie made with wild blueberries, banana, almond milk and spinach for a nutritional boost. Finished with a sprinkle of chia seeds for a healthy dose of omega-3.
This Golden Milk Turmeric Smoothie makes you feel good from the inside out. With only 4 ingredients, banana, mango, kefir and turmeric, it’s easy to prepare this creamy anti-inflammatory smoothie.
This nutrient-dense blended beverage makes a great breakfast or afternoon snack. You can even take it up a notch by adding more greens like spinach, kale, or parsley. Creamy and delicious!
Made with cold-fighting foods such as blueberries, greens, turmeric, and ginger, it does double duty as both a yummy, healthy breakfast smoothie and a natural, nutrient-rich way to give your immume system a lift.
The best basic, smooth, creamy green smoothie. A blend of peaches, mango, kale, almond milk, and ginger. Honey or cinnamon if you want, too!